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Tax Services in Bend, Oregon by John Burke, CPA

1040 Tax Return Bend, Oregon
Personal 1040

Do you dread filing your tax return? Hate doing your 1040? Don’t let the IRS tie your stomach in knots…

Helping to take the Stress and Anxiety Out of Filing Your Personal Taxes!

Business Tax Services Bend, Oregon
Business Tax Services

When the time comes to file your business tax return, don’t trust your business taxes to just any accountant…

John Burk, CPA has the Experience and Know-How to Save You Money!

Tax Return Preparation Bend, Oregon
Tax Return Services

I can help you navigate the maze of forms, requirements, deadlines, and constantly changing tax laws.

I know that tax time is probably not your favorite time of the year! 

CFO Services

Small business accounting functions often lack the internal controls and procedures to help prevent fraud, theft, and other risks to your hard-earned assets.

I can help you get the right tools in place so you can stay on top of your cash. 

QuickBooks Help Bend, Oregon
QuickBooks Help

QuickBooks is popular for small business owners and bookkeepers. There is still a learning curve and a chance that some entries may not be entered correctly.

John Burke, CPA can likely save you time, money, and headaches

Tax Analysis Services Bend, Oregon
Tax Analysis

I offer a complimentary initial tax analysis where I often find mistakes and missed opportunities that could be costing you thousands!

Call 541-645-0006 or contact me to schedule your tax analysis!

John Burke, CPA

<em><strong>My name is John Burke, and I’m a tax expert with over 30 years experience who has helped many clients prepare and file their individual and corporate tax returns at the national, state and local levels.</strong></em>

Do You Need Expert Help With Your Taxes?

Are you paying more taxes than you are legally required to?

Should your tax bill be lower?

Missing out on potential savings from new tax laws?

Have you recently received a letter from a tax agency and don’t know what to do next?

Have you fallen behind in your tax responsibilities and need to get caught up?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place to get some expert help with your taxes.


Contact me to discuss how I can help you with your tax requirements. I offer a complimentary initial tax analysis. I often find mistakes and missed opportunities that could be costing you thousands.

Schedule your initial tax analysis!

“John and I have been good friends since about 1989 when he started doing both my corporate and personal taxes. He has done them every year since. I was a recent Microsoft ‘retiree’ at the time and was impressed with John’s computer accounting expertise. He is a very good accountant and very credible. He stays up to speed on all the income tax changes. Also, he has always been very ‘computer literate’ and able to send and receive data in whatever media (very rare for accountants!). He has also been flexible in accommodating whatever weirdness we’ve had! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good accountant.”

– Scott Treseder

“John has displayed a great understanding of the business and personal ramification of taxes while preparing a meticulous return that sails through the system year in and out. Keeping our tax burden and time requirements at a minimum a plus- while being a good communicator and decent dinner company after wrapping up for the day. We’d recommend John for anyone’s tax and business consultation.”

– Kevin and Julie Cedergreen

“Here are a few reasons why I have continued to use the services of John Burke as my CPA. I don’t remember when we started but I am sure that it is over 15 years. He was very helpful in giving useful tax advice at the time my husband died 11 years ago. He also gave me peace of mind in setting up a financial tax basis for a duplex rental. He looks for ways that will save me money but is careful that it be legal. I feel very comfortable in calling him, even when it is not tax time, and a decision should be made. I have a sense that he personally cares that I do well. In fact, during these many years he has become a friend.”

– Carol Burkhart

“I’ve engaged John Burke for both personal and business accounting and tax services. He spends the time necessary to truly understand a client’s situation, asking questions and probing for details. This ability ensures he hasn’t missed a potential savings. His extensive business knowledge allows him to offer sage advice and guidance to help his clients optimize their tax positions and cashflow. I HIGHLY recommend him for both personal and business related accounting and tax needs.”

– Preston Callicott

“John Burke is an arrow in your quiver of weapons in the battle of preparing your tax returns, quickly, professionally and most importantly, properly, the FIRST TIME! John Burke will listen to you, offer suggestions and prepare your accounting needs tailored to you and your personal necessities. He has years of experience, but at the same time is schooled in the newest ever changing financial laws and necessary filing of paperwork. I trust and rely on John’s experience and have suggested John Burke services to my best friends in their fledgling business start ups and also in their search for a new competent, quick accountant to do an overhaul in their books and taxes and to get on the best track for their financial health.”

– Marlane Wilson

“I hired John Burke to serve as the fiscal advisor for an Oregon non-profit in 2010. As Executive Director, I needed a CPA as well as someone who could provide QuickBooks training, streamline our financial reports and assist with our tax returns. A few days after he started, he discovered that tax returns from a period prior to my joining the organization had never been filed. We were looking at hefty IRS penalties and were very concerned. John worked directly with the IRS on our behalf and then helped me prepare abatement letters. In the end, our penalties totaling $27,500 were abated and I give John full credit for this outcome. John also streamlined our financial reports which eased our budget process and gave suggestions that led to increased cash flow and more profitable events. His low-key style and ability to communicate complex tax and accounting principles in laymen’s terms was a big plus for us too!”

– Mary C.